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All-day Mindfulness practice

Course type: 

Days of intensive mindfulness practice, which is guided and in silence, generally in a natural environment. This facilitates intimacy with our own experience, being awake to our senses from moment to moment.

Intensive mindfulness practice, guided and in silence

The immersion in the practice of mindfulness offers us the opportunity to get out of our daily routine and have a valuable and nourishing time to be with ourselves. In addition, the fact of being able to get out of the rules of social interaction allows us to take better care of ourselves, by not having to be alert to communicate or relate to others.

In order to integrate and deepen our practice, we will work:

- Being more fully present, moving gently from a state of "doing" to a state of "being".

- Being open to any experience that arises, with kindness and acceptance, without judging, allowing things to be just as they are in the present moment.

- Cultivating mindfulness moment by moment, within the flow of varied and guided mindfulness practices, which alternate movement and stillness: sitting meditation, body scan, deep relaxation, and mindful movement (gentle stretching and walking meditation).


Dates and times: 
Saturday 8th of June, from 10:00am to 6:00 pm.

Seminari Salesià Martí Codolar - Barcelona

Avinguda del Cardenal Vidal i Barraquer 15, 08035 Barcelona

To attend it is necessary to have done a mindfulness-based program or have experience in meditation.

Registration: please send a message to specifying your name and surname, and your experience in mindfulness.

Fee: 50 euros (it includes vegetarian menu).

This course will be taught in Catalan or Spanish. If you are interested in mindfulness courses or sessions in English, please email me (info@cerclemindfulness.comand I will be happy to explore with you different options. Thank you!


I am a Mindfulness teacher certified by the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at Bangor University (United Kingdom). I have also attended retreats and courses taught by the Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts (United States) and by the Plum Village Practice Centre.