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Mª Jesús Creus

I am a clinical psychologist in the private sector with a rich background in evaluation, diagnosis and the treatment of psychological disorders and problems related to adaptation processes that affect the wellbeing and emotional equilibrium of the individual.

With solid training in cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness (which complements my personal practice in meditation and yoga) and an integrated and open methodology, I incorporate the advantages of new methodologies such as on-line therapy or third-generation therapy (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy) to my therapeutic resources, while integrating mindfulness and coaching

Training and professional experience

In 1983 I graduated in Psychology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and I finished a postgraduate degree at the Professional School for Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitat de Barcelona (1983-86). I have also specialised in Clinical Psychology (2002) and Coaching (2015) and I am an associated certified coach (ACC) as per the International Coach Federation (ICF; 2014).

I’ve been trained as a mindfulness instructor at the REBAP International with Fernando de Torrijos, and I’ve attented retreats and courses in MBSR (MBSR - Mindfulness in health contexts, 2016), taught by Jon Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli and Florence Meleo-Meyer (Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts).

Furthermore, I am continuously developing my skills by attending congresses, seminars,courses and so on in various disciplines related to clinical psychology, mindfulness and coaching

In the institutional sphere I am a member of the Facultative Body at the Centro Médico Teknon, where I’ve been practicing as a clinical psychologist for adults since 2001, as well as of the Catalan Society of Behavioural Research and Treatment (Societat Catalana deRecerca i Teràpia de Comportament - SCRITC).

As a clinical psychologist I am also in charge of TeDea® (as well as being a co-founder), a group for the diagnosis and treatment of attention deficit hyperactive disorder.

As a lecturer, I have taught classes in masters and postgraduate degrees at various universities at the national level (UB, UAB, URV, USAL) and in psychological societies and foundations related to health, as well as conferences and congresses at the national level.